Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh Baby Baby - -

Yes - as many of you are now speculating Marshal and I will be extending our family by 1. We tried for some time and over the last 8 years it has never happened. Well we decided in June that it absolutely would not be a good idea to get pregnant my last year of school and we would try closer towards graduation. In June I made an appointment for a laproscopic surgery consult to help with the endometriosis and they kindly informed my that no I would not be having the surgery but rather I would be having a BABY!

After such a long wait I thought I would be ecstatic but instead I have been sicker than a dog and have spent the last 4 months telling heavenly father that his timing was all wrong. I knew I was too big of a sissy to finish school and have a baby so my emotions were pretty pesamistic. I couldn't get the guts up to tell anyone I was pregnant except Adrianne of coarse who guessed!! Marshal on the other hand said at least once a day - "I've got to tell someone" We finally agreed on his Birthday we would just tell everyone at once. In our family we do this "POEM" thing were we write funny poems for special occassions - it sounds corny but it gets pretty good laughs - so here is our little ANNOUNCEMENT POEM

Sending A Little Letter Your Way –
To See How You Are Doing Today –

I Must Admit It Has Been Quite Awhile –
But Next Time I See You I Will Be Wearing A Smile –

I Have Been Holding A Hug That Is Only For You –
And Hope When We Meet You’ll Give Me One Too –

I Bet You Are Wondering What This Is About –
So Here Are Some Clues to Help You Out –

I Have Little Fingers And A Little Nose –
And Mom Hopes I Don’t Get My Dad’s Big Toes –

I Don’t Know If I’ll Have Lots Of Hair On My Head –
But I Bet There’s A Good Chance That It Will Be Red –

Mom Of Course Wants Me To Be A Barrel Racing Girl –
Dad Wants A Boy to Throw A Rope and Give B-Ball A Whirl

Little Do They Know I Am Just What I Should Be –
And Can’t Wait To Get There And Meet The Family –

BOY or GIRL – guess you’ll have to wait and see
Since mom and dad thinking not knowing will be fun for everybody

I Still Have Lots of Growing To Do, To Prepare for Life on Earth
The Doctors Say January 20th Is My Expected Day of Birth –

I can’t think of a Family I’d rather come to
Surrounded by people as great as you.

See you all Soon Little Baby M

Finally -- after a few ultrasounds - I have changed my tune to "School Schmool" I suppose I would rather fail school and have fun having a baby and being a mom than anything else so we are now just going to take it day by day. Not only that but shopping for baby clothes... is so fun.

I am 4 months along and they moved the date again - so sometime mid-January we will be having a he or a she - we decided to wait and be surprised on the gender.

I am open to any and all advice. I know nurses should know a lot about taking care of babies but I did avoid pediatrics like the plague because it is so sad when kids are sick.