Monday, March 16, 2009

Time Flies when....

I cannot believe that Brex is now 2 months old. I think he is really enjoying life on earth seeing as how he has everyone wrapped around his little finger. He is just so cute making him impossible to resist. So many things have happened over the past month. We Went to his 2 month check up. He must have know that "shots" were coming because he sure had a pretty dramatic crying episode as you will see by the picture. Dr Denton was great. Him and Brex were becoming good buddies. He was very impressed to note that Brex had gained 5 pounds and was now weighting in at 12 pounds. However dad was a little disappointed to hear that 75% of kids his age are taller than him. Here is some of his 2 month old highlights.

1. The awesome young women in our ward made Brex a very cute blanket that they hand delivered with homemade cookies. Thanks girls you guys are awesome and Brex loves snuggling with his blanket. Since Brex can't have cookies with his milk yet, Marshal made sure to finish them off:)

2. Brex Loves, Loves to bath. The deeper and warmer the water the happier he is. The second we try to lift him out of the tub the crying starts. Marshal will use the shower wand and spray him head to toe and he gets so excited. Marshal insisted on bathing with him every time, well,that is until Brex went #2 all over the tub and all over daddy!

3. Brex has quickly learned to sleep with one eye open. I will snuggle him at night before bed until he is sound asleep. When he is asleep to the point that nothing will wake him up, I very gently lay him in the crib and sure enough every single time one EYE opens. If myself or Marshal take even one step away from that crib the crying begins. There have been a few times when I was quit tired that I would threaten to get in the darn crib with him.

Everyone has adjusted to the "night owl" sleeping situation. Brex loves to party at 3am everynight on the dot. Marshal and I are good about working together. I get up for 3 or 4 nights in a row, then the next few nights I wake up and with both feet push him out of bed. With a little push he is great help. However Millie has not adjusted as well. She will be such a good friend, every whimper he makes she is at his side, well it finally caught up with her and she crashed out. She looks unconcious, don't you agree.

4. The SCOWL...At last we discovered that Brex did inherit something from me. He is full of patience. In fact Grandpa Wakley says we have a whole lot of it because we never use it!!! Brex will crinkle up his forehead and eyebrows until the corners are almost touching. He does this quite often like when: you take his bottle too soon, don't old him just right, don't hold his binki for him, if I am one second late changing his diaper, if he gets the hiccups ... you name it. In this picture you can see "THE SCOWL" and also those 12 LBS he has gained. He has achieved a double chi, triple thigh, and a muffin top over his diaper, we love it.

We really really love him and are very grateful to have this adorable little guy in our life.