Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PIGS feet

You know the story about the little piggies that went to market - well I found out what happened to them. They gave all their feet to Nurse Practitioner students to practice suturing. We spent the last 1/2 of our semester learning to sew up lacerations - which is my most favorite thing to do. They didn't oink - but they did have a little blood in them still not to mention they were so rubbery. Ham Hawk and Beans anyone??

Men's Only Barrel Race - Funniest thing you'll ever see

We recently traveled to southern utah for a 3 day barrel race. For entertainment purposes they have a MENS ONLY race. Well Marshal will not have anything to do with the Barrels since it is a "Girls" event. After a great deal of prodding he finally agreed that since we were far enough away from home that no one would ever know he would do it for a good laugh - well I got it on film and if you want a good laugh you better take a peak. He was pretty big talk until they called his name and his face went green - and of coarse instead of making a fool of himself he did an awesome job and the crowd was cheering him on like crazy. The picture is how he slept for the first 6 hours after we finally got home. He is such a good sport - love you bud!


Over the past year we have been trying to be dedicated to working on our food storage. Chalyce and I went to the Pocatello Cannery and we laughed ourselves silly -however the church workers didn't think we were that funny. It was really fun to go and spend a couple of hours canning food. Whatever food you want you can yourself. They have potatoes, dried applies, beans, noodles, flour, sugar, anything dry! I have been several times but if anyone wants to go let me know and I will go with you. You should also note it is much cheaper than the grocery store!!