Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just for Starters Summer 2009

Life has been crazy busy this summer, thus, once again I have fallen off the blogging band wagon. So here is a quick catch-up blog of what has been going on this summer. B-rex is 6 months old. He is definitely a chubby checkers. He almost weighs 20lbs. He LOVES his food as evidenced by his chubby cheeks. You also might notice the rolls on his arms, wrist, neck, and legs. He sits by himself, rolls all over the place, and is so close to crawling. His personality keeps us all laughing.
This is face after he realizes there is no more food :(

Loves going out to do chores with dad.
6 months is the funnest age. So far he loves everything. I cannot feed him fast enough. He literally grabs cries the second you take the spoon out of his mouth until the next bite gets there. Besides baby food he loves the taste of cheetos, horseradish, carrots, Texas roadhouse rolls, watermelon, and rootbeer popcycles.

He is trying to crawl but can only face plant at this point. But who wouldn't being top heavy in the cheek area.

Summer nights and rodeo season is our favorite time of the year. We recently went to a 3 day rodeo in Southern Utah where Brex got to sit aboard his very first saddle. He really did like it he was just crying because it wasn't on a horse.

I have been racing on Tig and Smoke. They are my other babies. They are easy going at home but in competition they are like a fresh lit roman candle - hang on tight!

We love taking the horses for a ride in the mountains. The last time we went was a little scary though. Out of no where this crazy coyote or fox (not sure which) started chasing right behind us barking. (I think he was calling for reinforcement). I tried to tell him this was not "dances with wolves" and Marshal was not "Kevin Costner" but he insisted on following us. We saw a lot of dear, a buck or two, only one snake, and a rabbit.
Nice view of Malad behind Lance -

One tall drink of water -

3 Amigos, Dad, Lance, and Big M.