Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Belly

A baby fills a place in your heart - You Never knew was empty.
Adrianne gave me this great quote that really sums it all up.

Every single person I know as told me it is absolutely necessary to take a picture of your belly for the baby to see what it looked like in moms belly.For everyone who keeps telling me to a post a picture, this is for you. I must admit, until now I have refused but honestly once you get so big - it just doesn't matter anymore :)

I am 32 weeks in one picture and 36 weeks in the next. At that time I thought I couldn't go another day but now that I am 37 weeks, I realize I should not complain because the next day will be even worse since you literally start gaining weight every day. The doctor says the baby has some LONG legs and my ribs which are now bowing are very aware of the legs!!

We are still having the great debate of BOY?? or GIRL???. For everyone who is going to have a baby I highly recommend not finding out the gender, it is the most exciting, conversation stirring subject, and quite honestly the neutral clothes are pretty cute too.

Pregnancy Positives: food, lots of resting in the recliner and watching movies, seeing a little foot print outline on your stomach, having Marshal ask every 5 minutes "what do you need", how do you feel, can I massage your feet?? Picking out baby clothes and names, feeling justified about being overweight.

Negatives: now this list could be pretty long. You cannot sleep at night, you legs swell to the point that they are not recognizable, trying not to waddle but realizing it is impossible, having to buy new/Bigger clothes every month. Setting a goal of only wanting to gain 25 pounds and surpassing it 6 weeks early and the list goes on.

Needless to say we are beyond nervous and excited and know that it will be so worth it.

Merry Christmas and Goodbye 2008

This year went by so fast! Marshal has been crazy busy with work but finally a few days before Christmas he finished working on 2 12,000 sq ft homes and I turned my last final that took a mere 12 hours to finish. We were both so glad to finally take a few days off and enjoy some R & R with the family.

We played the Wii Fit, which was hilarous. Marshal was rated unbalanced, with a fit age of 45, and was told by the machine that his muscles were not going to build themselves. As you can see my dad also took the game pretty serious with his warm-ups and hat turned around backwards.

More family Fun

Baby Shower, Family, Friends, Food, and Fun

Adrianne and Ashley went way out of their way and planned a really nice baby shower for us the Saturday after thanksgiving. I have to admit that being the center of attention is less than comfortable but when you consider the million different things that a " little 7lb bundle of joy" can need, you become very grateful for all the help, gifts, food, and advice from family and friends.

We got a lot of great gifts, and some really good food. FYI - anyone out there who likes crackers and dip might want to hit Adrianne up about her Spinach dip. It was fabulous.

Thanks everyone for coming and for all the great advice to help us get ready for this little baby.

Thankful for BLUE SOCKS!

Marshal has always been willing to help with the cleaning and cooking around the house. I think serving a mission prepares husbands to take a more active role in things around the home rather than thinking it is only the "wifes" job. And although I am really glad he cleans the bathroom and vacuums (he does a way better job than I do) I have pleaded with him to STAY AWAY from the laundry. Well the other night I was doing some homework - when I heard the washing machine.

Even being quite pregnant, I LEAPED out of the chair and ran to the washing machine to discover the prettiest shade of blue I have ever seen. In the washer was shirts, pants, socks, lights, darks, you name it. But most important it contained the only pants I had left that fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Needless to say I was really mad and cried. The next day when I looked over at him sitting on the couch with PAPA SMURF socks on we laughed for a week.

Finally I told him to do whatever he wants to his clothes but to never, ever, touch mine! Marshal I do have to say I am very thankful for everything you do for us, I wonder at least once a day how I got to be so lucky!