Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time for a Diaper Change :)

I thought this little "O" face Brex kept making was the cutest face in the world and he does quite frequently. Well the other day Marshal was changing is diaper and he did the "O" face and a 1/2 a second later he pooped! We got him all cleaned up and a few seconds later he did the "O" again and.... sure enough he pooped again. So now instead of peaking inside his diaper to see if it needs changing, we just watch for the "O"

Monday, February 2, 2009


Brex Kelly Martinsen came to earth January 14, 2009. He was 2 weeks early but stilled weighed in at 7 lb 10 oz,and was 20in long. Surprisingly he was born with a head full of RED hair and is the cutest little guy ever!

On Wednesday we went in for a doctors appt and they tried really hard to tell me it wasn't time for him to come - but they humored me and sent me to the hospital to be checked and sure enough 5 minutes later I was in labor and dilated to a 6 in about an hour and a half - so we thought things would happen pretty fast but --- then he become very stuck in the birth canal and his cord was too short to let him drop any further so they rushed us in for an emergency C-section and (literally) 10 minutes later he was here!!!

Honestly I have never been so scared and I just remember praying over and over to Heavenly Father to please take care of us, and he did. I have never felt so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing little guy in our life. We both love being parents so much - and cannot wait for the opportunity to do it again.

Not only does he look just like Marshal but he also takes after him in so many other ways. He Never, Ever, Ever cries, he is always happy and smiling. He is a little muscle man too. He did a full push-up on day 2 (we filmed it for those who don't believe)and he has been rolling over since day 10.

Adrianne just took his 2 week old pictures for us - I must say they will make your heart melt -