Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank you - thank you - thank you

"WHY WORRY WHEN YOU CAN PRAY" I heard this great little quote at church today from a very special couple in our ward. As they were speaking I started thinking about how relevant it is in our lives and how prayer makes all the difference in the world. I realized that all the worries and prayers I have had over the past few months have been answered by so many wonderful people; so I just wanted to say thanks.

** Thanks to Grandma Janis for watching Brex everyday while we are at work. I couldn't leave him every morning if I didn't know someone very great was watching him.

** Thanks to Grandpa Kelly for the endless hours of snuggling, Brex is getting pretty spoiled.

** Thanks to Grandma Sandy for coming and babysitting and especially for all the great blankets and close that he puts to good use.

** Thanks to Grandpa Andrea for making the road trip to come have sleepovers and making Brex the greatest little crib blanket ever. Oh and did we mention the meals;)

** Thanks to Sissy N for being the best Aunt. You are the rock! Even though you pinch Brex and make him cry I still think you are the greatest. Pretty soon i will be needing a haircut!!

** Thanks to Big M. I knew you would be an incredible dad - well with the exception of those middle of the night feedings - Thanks for making Brex and I so happy.

** Thanks to Aunt Mikki for being so excited for Brex's arrival you always make us feel very loved.

** Thanks to Ad for the good advice, great talks, honesty, and most importantly the good laughs that we always have.

** Thanks to Bo and Shanell for moving here and giving me a place to do clinical so that I get to see my cute little baby during lunch.

** Thanks to everyone who brought food, gifts, and visited. He is one lucky little boy to have so many people who welcomed him here.

** Thanks to all the women in our ward - we absolutely have the most awesome ward around.

** Thanks to Scott and Ashley for being such an important part of lives in so many ways.

** Thanks to all my friends new and old at IMM clinic. I love working with you, I love talking to you, and we are grateful for the great shower gifts you all brought for Brex.

** Thanks to Kallie for the millions of cell phone minutes we have used talking about how great it is to be a mommy and the countless other subjects that come up.

** Thanks to Chalyce for supporting me in the fact that pregnancy is not a walk in the park:)

** Thanks to Sheralynn for the great secret tip about you know what - I won't post the details here.

** Thanks to Kell for being a good example of having a positive attitude and for working hard for the things that are important.

It is so great to have the gospel in our lives knowing that sometimes we can be an answer to someone elses prayers and the rest of the time Heavenly Father sends you to be the answer to our prayers.