Thursday, April 30, 2009

At Long Last. . .

I am excited behind belief. I am officially 100% done with school - FOREVER -. I finished contract negotiation and will begin working as a Nurse Practitioner in June. I must admit 3 years ago I was terrified to go back and get my Masters Degree. Right before I started I ran across this quote that I taped on my mirror as a reminder to me. It goes: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” I think we all experience times in which we wonder if we are good enough or capable of achieving our goals; but with hard work and preparation anything is possible!

This is my first official week of being Mommy and staying home to hang out with Brex. He is amazing. At just 3 1/2 months he sleeps 12 hours a night!!! Unbelievable you say, well I like to call it a sign of GOOD parenting (ha,ha.)!! He is always grinning. Last Sunday he went to all three meetings for the first time and loved it. He smiled at all the girls and talked through all the meetings. I would stick the binky in his mouth and he would proceed to talk around it. People were paying more attention to this cute little guy than the lesson. He is so much fun I don't know how we ever lived without him.

Here are a few of the happenings over the last few weeks:

Dads 53rd Birthday! At that age the part in his hair is getting pretty wide:) I can never get Brex to snuggle like that with me. We tell my dad he must be putting him in the sleeper hold because the second he is in grandpas arms it is – lights out -

My dad has taught us so much about hard work, unselfishness, and at the end of the day having a good laugh. He lives by the motto: "USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, MAKE DUE, OR DUE WITHOUT" So as you can see he found another use for the wrapping paper.

It has been great getting to spend more time with my little 'sis'. Her nickname is the "Rock" because she is very dependable and always helping other people. We are glad she makes time for us, she is a busy busy girl, working 3 jobs, just finished cosmetology school, and has a year left at ISU to get her bachelors degree in education.

Easter Dinner with Marshals family

One of my greatest pleasures since marrying Marshal is dinner at his moms! My idea of dinner consists of cheetos and gum (not joking) (you can check our cabinets), while Andrea makes meals that are mouth-wateringly delicious. I consider myself very lucky to have great in-laws.

Marshals Mom

Marshals sister Mikki, and her boys Carter and Mason.

Why is when a guy goes snowmobiling, he takes his brain out, puts it in the jockey box, and heads on his way???

Snowmobiling in April, crazy I know, but Marshal has been driving over to Wyoming with a bunch of guys to sled in 12 feet of snow. When you are snow-machining for 12 hours and going places only crazy people would go you know you are bound to get into trouble. One guys machine burnt to a crisp, and well Marshal went where no man should go and ended up having to leave his sled behind. My first thought was GOOD riddance!!! However; the next day he left at 3:30 AM to go back and get it. It took 3 other sleds to pull him out 80 miles, and took an entire 12+ hours to get the job done.

I am glad he got to have some fun doing something he enjoys but maybe next time he could scale it down a little.

Random pictures we have taken over the past few weeks:
Brex and Mommy
I have no idea where this kid got his scowl.

He is getting so big... here he is one day old with dad and three months later he has a MUFFIN TOP:)


Erica said...

Congrats on finishing school! That must be a HUGE relief. :o) It was good seeing you and that adorable Brex yesterday. Sorry we didn't make it to the blessing. It was right in the middle of Coy's nap, and you don't wake Coy up. McCoy still doesn't sleep 12 hours a night...I must be a bad parent. ;o)

Heidi said...

Congrats on school! That is awesome!
It must be a Wakley Grandpa talent - Kim could always get my kids to sleep when they were little, too!

The Thompson's said...

Misty, your little guy is so adorable!!! Congrats on finishing school, that is awesome. And YES, I am so excited Jonny is getting a boy this go around, Trenton is very excited too, his only other boy cousin is 19 yrs old, so he is looking forward to a little boy to hang with. And as for the sleeping thru the night, that is great. Shelby is 16 mos. old and has been sleeping thru the night for only 2-3 mos. now. Well good to hear from you!!!!

Jess and Jen said...

Yea for you finishing school! You are amazing! Are you just loving staying at home with Brex? Are you going to work in Malad or Poky? Good luck with everything. You look AWESOME by the way! Are you sure it was you that had that baby?

.Lane & Jesika. said...

I am so jealous that you finished school, with a Masters! I still have a few semesters. BREX IS SO CUTE! I can't believe how big he is! Time really does fly. Of course Marshal has to go to Wyoming to snowmobile- Wyoming always has tons of snow. At least his dangerous passion is snowmobiling and not bull riding like my crazy husband! HA!!! Hope you guys continue to do well! Keep in touch!

Bo and Nell said...

So Sorry I missed the blessing on Sunday! I have been super sick and you definately don't want what I have in your family not fun! I will snuggle him as soon as I get feeling better!
Congrats with finishing school and contract negotiations! That is AWESOME!

The Mom said...

Way to go with getting done with school! I enjoyed your testimony sunday. That baby is so stinkin cute!! I love his little dimple. Now let's get all the moms together and have a party!!

Launa Nicole said...

I'm jealous. I wish my two were sleeping 12 hours. Natalie's kids always slept good, too. I don't know what my problem is. Don't they know I have to get up for work and need sleep myself. That and I also started taking some online classes. I'll have to keep your quote in mind- 1 class down, 4 more to go.

Vic and Al said...

That kid is just too cute! I love, love, love his hair!!!! And congrats on school! I swear it is the best feeling ever to wake up and know you have no homework to worry about! :)